Seed processing techniques ppt

Healthy seeds and grains are the demanding enterprise of the recent era for the production of high yield in the next season. The seeds must be stored for the maintenance of high-yielding crop. During storage, major losses of seeds are caused by various biological and nonbiological factors. There is a need to examine reasonable factors of these crop losses, which ultimately affect the market value and quality of the seed.


The quality of seeds can be maintained by using careful postharvest handling techniques. There is need to establish the well-suited methods to assess the losses during the process and to use the best technique to minimize the loss and to ensure the quality and safety of the crop.

The target is to achieve the high-quality seeds of the national and international standards that could meet the demand of the supplier.

seed processing techniques ppt

This chapter emphasizes on the aspects and postharvest techniques that are used to maintain seed quality. A comprehensive review of the better, economical, convenient, and productive methods is provided, focused on the needs of developing countries but also with relevance in more industrialized countries. Seed industry survives for the sake of better quality of seeds and postharvest storage techniques.

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It is a seed quality program that seeks the high achievement and gives the quality assurance. Seed quality is one of the most demanding enterprises of present days. The majority of the seeds especially cereals and legumes by small-scale farmers are produced and stored on the farms. The major problem is the damage due to biological factors such as molds, and insects can be alleviated by implicating effective storage techniques [ 1 — 4 ].

There is a need to develop the effective strategies for seed storage that can give the confirmation of better crop yield and reduce the risks of storage losses [ 5 ].

The value of the seeds allows the farmers to produce high-yielding crops from good quality healthy seeds. Seed quality is the measure of the potential to produce desired quality, healthy, and high-yielding crops at low planting rates [ 5 ]. Seed quality can neither be obtained automatically nor by a permanent process. Efforts are being made to produce best quality seeds for the farmers. Any handling or production stage can reduce the quality of the seed.

To alleviate these losses, careful technical management is required for all seed operations [ 6 ]. Seeds when stored in natural environment or ambient temperature respond readily to temperature, available oxygen, and relative humidity. Metabolic activities, age, and longevity of seeds can be manipulating by controlling the humidity temperature and oxygen [ 7 ]. Reduction of seed moisture content up to an appropriate limit is prerequisite for storage as seed could be damaged because of desiccation.

Seeds can be stored for a longer period due to lower level of humidity. Higher moisture content is more affected by higher temperature so seeds need to be stored in cool location.

Oxygen level can be controlled by hermetic storage in a sealed container which reduces the physiological aging of the grains as well as reduces the physical damage due to insects and fungal growth [ 8 ].

seed processing techniques ppt

For high-quality yield of crops, timely harvesting and drying are necessary. Biologically active seeds deteriorate readily under most of the circumstances due to fungal contamination and attack of insects and other pests.Copy embed code:. Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed.

WordPress Embed Customize Embed. URL: Copy. Presentation Description No description available. Seed is the product of fertilized ovule that consists of embryo, seed coat and cotyledon. The seed of a released and popular variety produced by scientific method is referred to as improved or quality seed. Variety refers to genotype which has been released for commercial cultivation either by state or central variety release committee.

PowerPoint Presentation: - Improved seed plays an important role in maximizing the production and productivity of field crop Such as 1 Vigorous growth 2 Better germination 3 Better quality 4 Higher crop stand 5 Higher yield PowerPoint Presentation: Seed Technology- - Seed technology is a discipline of study having to do with seed production, maintenance, quality and preservation Cowan Feistrizer PowerPoint Presentation: Agronomy- It provide Suitable package of practices for growing, harvesting and handling of seed crop for possible good quality.

Entomology- To pest control for crop production with seed storage. Agriculture Extension- Involve some agencies to popularizing the use of good quality seed for high yield. The consequence of seed since Vedic period. The good seed furthermore increases efficiency of crop production.

seed processing techniques ppt

Seed is the only assured quality can be expected to respond to fertilizer and other inputs. PowerPoint Presentation: Thank you ….! Follow us on:. Go to Application. US Go Premium. PowerPoint Templates. Upload from Desktop Single File Upload. Post to :.Give to the SBC. Kent J. Bradford Endowed Chair in Seed Science. Targeted participants include seed production professionals and others who would benefit by knowing more about how to grow, manage and process crops for seed and to attain and enhance seed quality.

Participant interactions are fostered and reinforced by break-out group discussions addressing the key topics presented. In addition, a number of seed production professionals from both UC Davis and the industry will participate as guest presenters to add their insights on specific topics. The course includes wet-seeded vegetable crops cucurbits, tomatoes and peppersdry-seeded vegetable crops brassicas, carrots, onions, spinach and lettuceand agronomic crops sunflower, alfalfa and forages, canola, cereals and corn.

Attention is also given to organic seed production. The course format includes both plenary sessions and separate concurrent vegetable and agronomic crop sessions in order to focus more closely on topics that are specific to these crop groups.

This course is taught by experts from both industry and academia.

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This is a great chance to interact with experts in the field. His research is focused on the development, maintenance, and expression of seed quality; plant water relations; developmental and growth regulation. Kent received B. Gjuric received his Ph. Gjuric is an accomplished plant breeder with numerous canola varieties and hybrids released in his 15 years in the private sector. His current focus is in service to the plant breeding industry with special interest in organization and optimization of plant breeding programs.

He was also instrumental in establishing and delivering a number of short courses catered to the needs of seed industry professionals. Mike Pereira has 35 years experience in seeds, 29 years in vegetable seed quality assurance, seed production and product liability, and the last 6 years in biofuels feedstock seed production. Mike has extensive experience in forming and leading global seed production organizations and in establishing new production areas, including Northwest China and Peru.

Mike has a B. At Virginia Tech, Greg teaches both online and web-based distance learning courses on vegetable crops, vegetable seed production, medicinal plants and herbs, and world crops.

He conducts research on seed biology, seed technology, and stand establishment. Enter Search Terms Search. University of California. Registration for Seed Production opens later. Seed Production Instructors This course is taught by experts from both industry and academia.

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View by Category Toggle navigation. Products Sold on our sister site CrystalGraphics. Seed processing content 1. Seed cleaning 2. Seed moisture testing 3. Seed drying 4. Tags: management processing seed techniques hypochlorite sodium. Latest Highest Rated. Seed viability testing 5.

Seed health testing?. Management techniques?.

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Seed processing content Seed processing involves cleaning the seed samples of extraneous materials, drying them to optimum moisture levels, testing their germination and packaging them in appropriate containers for conservation and distribution.

Seed cleaning The cost of maintaining an accession in a genebank is high and space is limited. Debris and damaged seeds can spread infection. Therefore, place only good quality viable seeds in storage. Seed cleaning involves removal of debris, low quality, infested or infected seeds and seeds of different species weeds. High-constant temperature oven method for sorghum, millets, chickpea and pigeonpea non-oily seeds.Seed processing content 1.

Seed cleaning 2. Seed moisture testing 3. Seed drying 4. Seed viability testing 5. Management techniques. Debris and damaged seeds can spread infection.

Therefore, place only good quality viable seeds in storage. Equipment used to determine seed moisture content. The requirements for germination vary with species as shown in Table. Top of paper method for millets. Between paper Rolled towel method for sorghum, chickpea, pigeonpea and groundnut.

Testing germination of seeds on the top of filter paper. Test germination of seeds of between moist paper towels.

Seed Processing Holland - Field Crop solutions

Trays containing rolled paper towels placed in an incubator. It can be applied to firm seeds, which have failed to germinate at the end of germination test. Pink and very dark red stains are indicative of dead tissue.

Classify the seeds into three categories depending on staining pattern: completely stained and viable seeds, completely unstained seeds that are nonviable, and partially stained seeds. Vigor tests supplement information about seed quality. Seeds with low vigor take longer time to germinate. Germination is considered to have occurred when the radicle protrudes by 2—4 mm.

For Clean, Smart and Profitable Farming.

Seedling growth test Measurements of seedling growth root and shoot at specific number of days after sowing give an indication of their vigor Annexure 4D. Slow seedling growth shorter roots and shoots indicates low vigor. Membrane integrity The test is based on measuring the concentration of leachates by electrical conductivity Annexure 4D.

Low—vigor seeds generally possess poor membrane structure. When such seeds are soaked in water, greater electrolyte loss occurs, leading to higher conductivity of water. The test is mainly used for grain legumes.

seed processing techniques ppt

It is important to note that many species eg, legumes have seeds that are impermeable or only slowly permeable to water. This can affect the leaching of electrolytes from seeds in a conductivity test. Curators should ensure that seeds prepared for long-term conservation are free from the seed borne pathogens.

The methods employed to detect the pathogens are referred to as seed health testing methods. By this method, it is possible to detect sclerotia, smut balls, fungal spores and other fructifications such as pycnidia, perithecia, etc. Seed health testing in laboratory using binocular microscope. Profuse seedling growth may make interpretations difficult. This may be overcome by adding 2,4-D sodium salt to provide a 0. Sometimes, bacterial colonies develop on the agar and inhibit fungal growth making identification difficult.

Quality is defined as good vigor, high purity percent, and germination percent. Each part is dependent upon the other. Seed extraction easily fits into these five areas.About us. Watch our corporate movie. The built-in water nozzle system enables a quick cleaning cycle minimizing any residual formation between lots.

Seed drill, type Equipped with two drills. Semi automatic seed extraction machine, type The fruits are manually fed into the hopper. Seed extraction installation, type Seed extraction machine also cyclamen seed extractiontype Berry extraction machine, type Manually the berries are dosed into the hopper content of about 30 liter of the machine. These berries arrive in a chamber in which a perforated basket and beaters are mounted. In the middle of the perforated basket a shaft is mounted with 4 synthetic material beaters, these are simply exchangeable and are optional.

The revolution of the beaters is adjustable in speed. By the rotation of the beaters in the perforated basket, the present seeds have to be squeezed out of the berry. To minimize the damage of the seeds and to speed-up the process, also water will be pumped through the work chamber.

Also the water supply in the chamber can be used for cleaning the chamber. The seeds can't pass by the sieve and are leaving the chamber through an outlet. These outlet is provided with a slide. When these slide is fully open, the seeds will stay a shorter time in the chamber than when these will be closed partly.

The waste product goes, in contrast to the seeds, through the perforated basket and leaves the chamber through an outlet on the bottom. Under these outlet can be mounted a sieving unit as an option to filter waste material out of the liquids which runs out of the outlet.

Fruit Elevator with Dosage Belt, type Seed elevator, type This machine has many applications in vegetable seeds like: tomato. Pepper, gherkins, cucumber, melons etc.After you enable Flash, refresh this page and the presentation should play.

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View by Category Toggle navigation. Products Sold on our sister site CrystalGraphics. Description: Brinjal. Pusa Hybrid Arka Anaya. CS Total Tags: production project seed vegetable brinjal.


Latest Highest Rated. Total exports in were Rs Nafed has proposed 4 units in 4 states of A. P Maharashtra to the tune of Rs. Cost of infrastructure for seeds for 1 unit is Rs.

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